Varbsein-tribüün 1,4 x 2,8 m 2-sektsiooniline
Varbsein-tribüün 1,4 x 2,8 m 2-sektsioonilinewall bar-tribunewall bar-tribune

wall bar-tribune 1,4 x 2,8m

Wall bar-tribune is used in gyms where is limited space, but from time to time it is necessary to accommodate spectators.
2 sections that seats ca 10 spectators.
Size: 1,4 x 2,8m
Can be used as a wall bar or a tribune.
Dimensions can be adjusted according to the project

Sides made from pine 2800 x 170 x 38 mm

Bars are made from birch (14 bars)

Passageways and seats made from plywood

Possible to change size according to project


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