Wall mounted foldable 2 row tribune

Tribune is used when there is extra seats needed

Tribune fits 10 people, when tribune is not used it can be folded to the wall to save space when needed.

When folded tribune is hidden behind the quality plywood

By using this method you can get extra seats in gyms, auditoriums and other rooms where needed

When opened: Height 84 cm, Width 240 cm, Depth 98 cm.

When closed: Height 121 cm, Width 240 cm, Depth 25 cm

The tribune is made of powder coated steel frame and covered with high quality plywood.

Tribune is spring loaded for easier folding

Seats and passageway made out of plywood

Possible to order size according to project

Option to make it electronically and radio controllable


Ask for more: info@oitma.ee

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